The Second Sun

and its Four Distinct High-Rise-Episodes

Chicago`s new waterfront attraction is a big, yellow, shining ball. Sometimes you see it at eye-level while driving along Lake Shore Drive, or you see it peeking through Chicago`s street

canyons when walking downtown. Or the yellow ball is hovering above, far away in the sky, beautifully complementing Chicago`s skyline, even when Sun No.1 is absent. Sometimes, if you are lucky, it exerts its mesmerizing glow down onto you and the other subterranean guests in one of the city`s recent -70 Feet venues. The ball takes you up and down, keeps rain and snow out and makes this simple hole a dramatic space. Even from the outside,

while lying on your beach chair, you cannot resist the attraction of this perfect volume. Hardly any surrounding skyscraper has such a presence. In fact, the (w)hole structure contains all of the distinct episodes high-rises are usually so proud of:

First, it has a strong and specific, almost eccentric figure - a form that distinguishes itself from its context and thereby attains landmark character.

Second, there is a grand lobby, which deliberately chooses to make the ground floor the most

important area - however only temporarily.

Third, the structure attains great heights. No view on Chicago is better than from the top floor at a height easily over 2000 feet. With this remote solitude you can enjoy ultimate seclusion! We also welcome the competition for the tallest structure of the world - If surpassed, we`ll simply buy some more cable.

Fourth, like any other tall building, there are multiple floors, connected by elevators. If such technology fails, the building can no longer be used, at least can no longer be entered or exited easily. Such heavy reliance on technology is the first step to satisfy our desire to detach ourselves from the surrounding city.

Site Plan - and the Hole Problem of the Chicago Spire.

If this one hole is the issue right now, then we simply create more, even if some are only a few inches deep. So there is the Second-Sun-Hole at the former Chicago Spire site (1), the Cul-de-Sac-Hole (2), Swimming-Holes (3), the Soccer-Hole (4), the Basketball-Hole (5), etc...

Main Idea.