12x12 Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.




Chipboard and 2x2s

with Lyndsay Pepple.

Curated by Tricia van Eck.

Alex Lehnerer with Lyndsay Pepple and The Department of Urban Speculation (DeptUS) provide us with the experience of stepping inside an architectural drawing. The gallery`s 24`x24` space has been reduced to a 5`x5` niche within the gallery`s doorway as if the installation was a seamless continuation of the museum`s white walls. This reduction puts us in intimate proximity with the graphic and three-dimensional information converging on the walls and ceiling - constraining our ability to see an overview of the installation`s edges, openings, and surfaces, while, at the same time the superimposed drawing prompts us to integrate these specific and recognizable, yet ephemeral, architectural forms and figures into a continuous whole. The exhibition challenges us to think about how we perceive coherency in the built environment.

(Text: MCA)

Special Thanks to

Katie Miller, Jared Macken, Matt Vander Ploeg, Presentation Studios International Chicago PSI, UIC College of Arts and Architecture, Jamie Barron, Mark Berlinrut, Brandon Biederman, George and Altha Brooks, Erin Connoly, Andre Correa, Dolly Davis, Katie Davis, Jacob Dewey, Meghan Funk, Frank Gossage, Meghan Macken, Jason Mould, Maya Nash, Ryan Odom, Sandra Lehnerer, Paul Preissner.

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All photos by Al Froberg, Photography